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Mask wearing: who is exempt?

By Lydia Wilson

As restrictions on travel are easing and many more of us are returning to using buses, trams and trains to get about, we may start to notice some people who aren't wearing face coverings or wonder if we ourselves HAVE to wear one.

The answer is more than likely yes. Sorry to disappoint.

For many of us wearing a mask doesn't cause us any harm or real difficulty (apart from being a bit annoying).

However, for some this is not the case. These can be for multiple reasons, including:

  • Having a physical or mental disability or impairment that makes putting on and taking off a mask difficult

  • Needing to assist someone who relies on lip reading

  • If wearing or putting on a mask is very emotionally or mentally distressing

  • Needing to remove a mask to take important medication or when eating and drinking is necessary

  • Children under the age of 11

  • If your face covering needs to be removed to avoid risk of injury to yourself or others

  • Travelling without a mask to escape a harmful or dangerous situation

These reasons are all valid.

Wearing a mask isn't always possible, but that makes it all the more important that everyone who CAN wear a mask, DOES wear a mask.

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