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UK Mask Network is a campaign that organically grew out of a separate initiative, called UK Mask Makers. 

UK Mask Makers co-founder, Letty Adkins, raised £2,100 within one month to produce and distribute high-quality non-surgical masks throughout the UK, creating paid jobs for seamstresses who have lost work due to the pandemic.

Isabelle Staniaszek, an independent business owner, managed the co-ordination and distribution efforts of this fundraiser and continues to provide high-quality, affordable masks through her online store Wild Brambling.

Jasmine Belfiore, neuroscientist and medical communications account executive, saw the amazing work Letty and Issy had done and thought ‘this is incredible – how can we make it bigger?’. One Zoom meeting and lots of ‘why is nobody doing anything?!’s later and the networking arm of the original project had grown into UK Mask Network, with 11 members (and counting).

Who are we?

UK Mask Network advocates for the safety and scientific education of the UK, and aims to raise awareness of the importance and effectiveness of mask-wearing in public spaces.

At present, the scientific consensus behind mask-wearing is that widespread usage could significantly reduce the transmission of the virus, and that it is extremely low risk (see our science section here). We aim to make this common knowledge so that everyone who CAN wear a mask DOES wear a mask. 

Our team of experts is made up of medical communicators, scientists, historians, artists, social media managers, business owners, carers, and patient advocates – whom all are donating their time and resources to the cause.

If you would like to know more about the team or would like to join, please visit our Team Members section. 

With your help, we can ensure widespread mask-wearing throughout the UK and protect the people around us.

Mask up.

Co-founders: Letty, Jas, and Issy.

For our full team profile, click here.

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